Dog who Was hit by Car and Shot 70 Times Finds a Forever Home

Animals have to deal with a lot of things during their life. Their lives have become associated with sorrow and suffering. After going through all that, their main hope was to find a loving home for themselves. They finally had a place to call their own.

Now we’re going to tell you about a puppy that had been through a lot of misery in the past but was now, finding a forever home. In November of last year, the San Antonio Humane Society received an 8-month-old puppy.

When the vets examined the dog, they discovered that it had been hit by a car as well as shot many times with a shotgun. The shotgun shot her 70 times, which is really terrible.

Tammi was the dog’s name, and the vets made sure she got all the treatment she needed. She had specialized surgery to heal a hip fracture and gain mobility. She rested for a month after the surgery, healed quickly, and appeared much stronger.

The major task at hand was to give Tammi a loving home. Tammi was looking for a loving and caring home. Even though she has been through a lot, she is still quite kind.

Because she is young, she requires an active family. Fortunately, she quickly gained a large audience as people were moved by her narrative of survival. She also found a wonderful home.

Tammi’s mom claims that she was immediately taken to her and that she liked her so much that she chose to adopt her. Tammi had settled in nicely to her new home following her adoption.

She was shy in the shelter, but she was different in her new home. She was overjoyed. Her new family is pleased to have her join them.

The Humane Society was overjoyed that Tammi had found a new home and is now content. Tammi has found a new home, which is fantastic news. We hope she gets the happiness she so well deserves.

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Dog who Was hit by Car and Shot 70 Times Finds a Forever Home
The exhausted dog lay down next to the lady and closed her beautiful eyes for the first time since she was rescued