Koko the Gorilla, Who Knew Sign Language, Passed away

Koko, the legendary gorilla that lived in the Bay Area, is being remembered across the world. She died in her sleep at her house in the Santa Cruz Mountains on Tuesday at the age of 46.

Her ability to interact with people via sign language revealed the species’ emotional potential and had a significant influence.

According to the Gorilla Foundation, Koko, the adored Gorilla who was born in 1971 at the San Francisco Zoo and became famed for her ability to communicate with sign language.

“The Gorilla Foundation is heartbroken to announce the departure of our dear Koko,” the research center writes, telling the world of the death of a gorilla whose ability to communicate enthralled millions of people.

Koko have a rare capacity to connect with others. She met a lot of people, and her interaction with them had a big impact on them. She was a gorilla ambassador in many ways, demonstrating how clever and affectionate the creatures are, as well as how much they share with people. Robin Williams once had a pleasant conversation with her.

“After meeting her, people’s lives were altered totally; they gazed into her eyes and it was almost like another world,” said Joy Chesbrough of the charity.
Koko gave delight to a lot of individuals, including celebrities like Red Hot Chili Peppers musician Flea.

The western lowland gorilla was born in the San Francisco Zoo on July 4, 1971.
Dr. Penny Patterson began teaching Koko sign language in 1972 and later founded The Gorilla Foundation in the Santa Cruz Mountains. “They formed an unbreakable relationship and couldn’t let go. They were like if they were mother and daughter “Gary Stanley, the Gorilla Foundation’s chief operations officer, stated.

Koko learnt about 1,000 signals with Penny’s help and appeared to grasp almost 2,000 spoken English words.

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