Cat With Missing Eye and Nostril Finds His Forever Home

Every pet is unique and deserves to be loved for the rest of their lives. Animals with physical disabilities can have a difficult time finding a forever home. However, this is not the case for all disabled animals. A one-eyed cat finds the ideal forever home.

Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio recently published a message about Eggbert, a 2-year-old shelter cat searching for a permanent home. The cat, according to the shelter, is a “head-turner” because of his unusual look. One eye and one nostril were gone when the cat was born.

The cat, however, has not been slowed down by these inabilities. He constantly has a beautiful smile on his face and appears to be quite pleased. He only snores like a chainsaw, according to the Fairfield Area Humane Society, but he is otherwise in excellent health. He enjoys being headbutted, having his chin stroked, and being followed about like a young duck.

Even though Eggbert appears unconcerned about his limitations, finding him a home proved difficult. According to the post, his prior family noted he experienced seizures on occasion.

Although no reason has been identified, the Humane Society has stated that anybody adopting him should be prepared to give him with medical treatment in the future.

As a result, finding an adoption was tough, as no one wanted to take home a strange-looking cat with medical difficulties. His tale went viral as his grin enchanted the internet. As a result, he was able to find a forever home.

Eggbert has been adopted, according to the FAHS, who even posted a photo of the special cat with his new home.

FAHS said that his new household has another FAHS alumnus cat, so the cat is now in good hands. This adorable cat’s story has a happy ending. We’re glad Eggbert now has a loving family.

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Cat With Missing Eye and Nostril Finds His Forever Home
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