These Photos Show That Panthers Are Just Big Sized Black Cats

Black panthers are large cats that are distinguished by their coat of black fur or by the presence of black patches that are only visible against a dark background. It is believed that they are more common in south-western China and the southern Isthmus of Kra in Malaysia than anywhere else in the planet. Despite the fact that the name “black panther” is commonly used to describe to huge animals, they are still considered wild creatures that live in their natural environment and have complex behavioral, social, nutritional, and psychological requirements that must be met. Wild animals, no matter how calm they appear to be, should never be treated as pets, and they should never be kept as pets. However, there are occasions when we recognize that our black cats have a lot in common with black panthers, who are their wild ancestors that are also black. That is confirmed by pics of the two species, which we have gathered to compare and then share with you. Take a  look at the 16 photos below if you don’t trust us.

1. They have fearsome fangs

2. They’re great athletes

3. Here is another similarity

4. They look fierce when on the hunt

5. Look them walking

6. Sometimes they both look so fierce

7. But they can also be very cute

Do you believe that black panthers are simply a larger version of black cats? What kind of cat do you have? A house panther or a black cat, perhaps? Please feel free to share your opinions and pictures with us in the comments section below, and please spread the word about this post to your friends and family members!

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These Photos Show That Panthers Are Just Big Sized Black Cats
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