Lion Was Found and Rescued from “Europe’s worst zoo”! Here is Where They Kept Him

The images of the lion Bob, who lived at the Safari Zoo in Fier, Albania, became viral about two years ago. This isn’t because he was happy and they looked after him. He was left without nourishment, and all he had was skin and bones. Bob couldn’t walk since he had a black eye. But now there is some good news for the lion Bob.

After being housed in tiny and dirty quarters at Tirana Zoo in Albania, the amazing creatures were transported to Felida Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands.

Credit: Caters News Agency

Bobi had a rough existence at the zoo dubbed as “Europe’s Worst Zoo,” Safari Park Zoo Fier in Albania, according to the “Felida Center.”

His crushed nose serves as a reminder of the tragedy of his ordeal. When he was rescued , he was unwell, and rescuers were quite concerned about his health and healing. He has improved greatly thanks to the special care and attention he receives at the Felida Big Cat Sanctuary.

Credit: Caters News Agency

He was extremely peaceful during winter, preferring to spend the frigid days inside his warm platform, but today he is relaxing in his shelter. When we see him so joyful, it brings us great delight!

Credit: Caters News Agency

The centre in the Netherlands specialises in caring for cats that have been abused or neglected.