In Canada Woman was Walking When She Saw Wild Lynx in Front of Her! Here is Her Reaction

It is always good to see wild animals in their habitats. People spend a lot of time and resources to reach spots where they can see a variety of wildlife. But sometimes these animals are just being spoted in human areas which is very scary .

A woman from Kamloops named Allison Burton was walking when she noticed huge wild cat wandering quietly along the road in the middle of the day. A gorgeous lynx roamed the path as if it were her own domain.

Although a large number of people were walking there on that wonderful day, this cat saw no problems. Everyone who observed her most likely stopped for a time. Not everyday they will meet wild cat walking in their environment.

We found out some information about these wild cats.
Though lynx may look like a slightly larger version of your housecat, but make no mistake — these boreal predators are ferocious! They are territorial animals, and males live alone most of the time. With big eyes and superior hearing,  lynx are excellent night hunters. But they are not fast runners, so they have to be sneaky when it comes to catching prey. Usually, they find a hiding spot and wait for prey to come near — then they pounce. Some lynx will sit still for hours to just to snatch a bite!

They are unowned, unsocialised, and have no relationship with or dependence on humans. They often look scruffy and may be very wary of people. Feral cats live in a wide range of habitats throughout the Waikato region. They are very territorial and have home ranges from 30 hectares to 80 hectares in size. Feral cats are mainly active at night.

So observing them in a human territory is unusual! A woman who saw her, also expressed her amazement , stating that she had never seen such a magnificent creature before, especially up close. However, sources claim that a lynx has been spotted strolling the streets of Kamloops on many occasions.

Other people who also noticed her, were fascinated. One of them wrote this in her social media account:

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In Canada Woman was Walking When She Saw Wild Lynx in Front of Her! Here is Her Reaction
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