Kaavan, World’s Loneliest Elephant Meets New Friend. First Handshake in Sanctuary

Elephants are considered to be one of the most sociable and friendly animals. They don’t like being alone and
always move with herds. If they stay alone, they become sad and stressed.

The image of the Kaavan elephant, dubbed as the “loneliest elephant in the world,” seeing another elephant after eight years is truly sad and heartbreaking.

This elephant has a tragic backstory, but his misery comes to an end. After a long wait, he was transported from Sri Lanka to a sanctuary in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where wildlife animals are housed. After a lengthy wait, this sad elephant came face to face with another elephant of its sort. Given what we know about this elephant’s past, this is both a wonderful and terrible sight.

This is a significant deal for Kaavan, according to Martin Bauer, a spokesman for the animal care group that helped transferred the elephant to the sanctuary. It was his first encounter with another elephant in eight years, and it meant a great deal to him.

Kaavan, 36, worked in Maraghazar, a zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, for over 35 years. He was enslaved and had a difficult existence. They didn’t seem to care about him, and his main source of joy was Shaheli, his buddy. But she abandoned him eight years ago, leaving him to battle life alone.

After launching a campaign to aid needy animals six years ago, in 2016, luck came into his life because they were successful in their goal.

After all of his hardships, this unhappy elephant now gets the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful life with the other elephants.

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Kaavan, World’s Loneliest Elephant Meets New Friend. First Handshake in Sanctuary
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