Diver Was Swimming When She Met a Giant Whales Face to Face

For those who like the sea, there is no greater desire than to swim beside its gorgeous animals. However, sometimes life isn’t enough to achieve that goal, and as it turns out, some people are lucky than others!

This group of sea-divers has always longed to get up up face to face with a blue whale — the world’s largest creature! Their dream has come true, and they were even able to capture the once-in-a-lifetime experience on camera, with fantastic results!

Marianne Aventurier, a psychomotor therapist, and Alex Voyer and Alex Roubaud, both great underwater photographers, have traveled to a variety of sites throughout the world in search of close encounters with the rare blue whales.

They did, however, finally come into touch with the massive animals that reside off the coast of Sri Lanka.

“Swimming beside the blue whale was one of our wildest and most unreachable dreams,” Marianne remarked. “And here in Sri Lanka, we were lucky enough to come across a huge group of sperm whales.” They may be from one to fifteen people who have been divided into groups, yet they are close.”

However, it wasn’t  ordinary dive. During their voyage, the three divers had not one, but two encounters with these incredible animals. They spent over 40 hours in the water for what they consider to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

“Finally, during our 40 hours at sea, we were able to meet the blue whale’s eyes twice. “It was worth forty hours for a few seconds of meeting,” Marriane stated.

I came face to face with blue whale as I was prepared to return to the boat! In a swimming motion, she reached me. I moved around, attempting to catch her eyes .  She’s covered with remora and really stunning.”

Following the magnificent adventure, the travelers were given the opportunity to swim with a group of sperm whales that were fascinated by the divers!

The woman said, “We were fortunate to see a large group of blue whales.” “Some napped, but the majority slept a bit longer, and one of them came to a standstill to observe us for a few moments.”

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Diver Was Swimming When She Met a Giant Whales Face to Face
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