This Video of Lion meeting his Cub for The First Time Went Viral!

Sharing a lovely animal video is undoubtedly is the best way to win over the internet. Whether it’s an adorable puppy taking its first steps in the world or a floofy cat doing something amusing, moving images of small animals have a well-deserved spot on the internet. And this video from the Denver Zoo surely is one of them.

A lion cub is seen playing around in its enclosure in a video posted on September 6, 2019. Although the camera is focused on the little lion baby, the footage’s headliner is the moment he shares with his lion father. For the first time, the two generations met, and Tobias’ behavior towards his little bean of a kid as he crouched down to interact quickly went viral on the internet. Many people complimented this 2-year-old father’s gentle attitude.

Bored Panda spoke with a representative from the Denver Zoo and learnt that the cub was born on July 25. “He’s spent the last two months bonding behind the scenes in Predator Ridge at Denver Zoo with his mom (Neliah), dad (Tobias), and half-sister (Kamara), and will shortly make his big public debut in one of the outdoor habitats,” Jake Kubié, the director of communications, announced. “He’s everything you’d expect from a lion cub: lively, interested, and active!”

The video is part of a series of “cubdates” posted every other day by the Denver Zoo to show off their newest lion cub, who has yet to be named. In reality, the zoo is attempting to engage the public in raising funds for lions both in the zoo and in the wild by allowing people to name the animals. Meru, which is the name of a mountain in Tanzania, Moremi, which is the name of a game reserve in Botswana, and Tatu, which is the Swahili word for three (since the cub is Neliah’s third child), are the final options.

The public’s reaction is the best, “Everyone is really delighted and keen to give him a visit once he makes his public debut.” “The weekly updates we’ve been sharing on social media have gotten a lot of “Ohhs” and “Ahhs.” While people wait to meet him in person, we’re trying our best to give everyone their cub fix!”

The video also shows the tiny cub interacting with an older female lion, who is really his half-sister, Kamara, who is four years old. The Denver Zoo’s Instagram account said, “She is just the most attentive and affectionate older sister.”

“It’s important to realize that half of African lions have disappeared completely in the last 25 years and are facing growing threats, including illegal hunting, loss of prey, and habitat destruction in their native ranges,” the Denver Zoo representative highlighted. “We hope that witnessing our small lion cub inspires people to help safeguard his wild counterparts and other species throughout the world,” he said.

The Denver Zoo has a number of conservation efforts in place within the zoo, in the city, in the area, and in four other countries around the world. They not only encourage people to donate to support their efforts, but they also provide educational programs and volunteer opportunities. One of their programs is “Adopt an Animal,” which allows you to “adopt” one of the Denver Zoo’s 4,300 species in exchange for the chance to take home a plush version of that animal! It’s quite lovely!

You can watch the video below

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This Video of Lion meeting his Cub for The First Time Went Viral!
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