Soldier Had to Leave His Lovely Horse But He Promised to Come Back And to Adopt Him! Here is How Everything Is Going Now

We’ve seen a lot of soldiers reunited with their military service dogs, but this one is a little different. When Ezphia Rennock joined the British Army as a teenager, he was introduced to a horse named Agricola. After nearly two decades, the former soldier has finally been allowed to return home with his military horse.

Rennock is a father of three from Lancashire, England, who is 35 years old. He joined the Knightsbridge Barrack in the year 2000 and was assigned to Agricola, a horse who was a little “wild” and hard to handle. Rennock and his partner formed a deep friendship while serving in the Blues and Royals calvary, and it didn’t take long for them to become close.

It was what the teen needed too, being that he missed home.
Rennock and Agricola worked together for seven years to protect their Queen, Buckingham Palace, and the rest of the Royal Family. They were regularly invited to attend renowned events.

He said to the Daily Mail:
“Whenever there is a royal event, the Queen actually brings all of the king’s horses and all of the king’s soldiers,” says the Queen.

Rennock then retired in 2007, forcing him to say his final goodbyes to his trusty horse. But he promised he’d come back and adopt him one day.

Agricola stayed in the British Army for another decade or so, until he, too, was planning to retire. Rennock went to see him at the stables in Knightsbridge a few years after learning the news.

He revealed what it felt like to be reunited with Agricola, whom he also refers to as “Aggy,” in an interview with the Daily Mail. “It was a really emotional moment because he recognized me right away; it’s strange, but it was as if I hadn’t left.”

From there, the former soldier knew he wanted to fulfill his childhood dream of adoption. It wouldn’t be simple, though, because Agricola would be sold off, and Rennock’s offer would most certainly be lower than others.
Rennock, however, included a letter describing the situation and why he wanted to adopt the service animal with whom he had spent years working. He received a quick answer verifying that he was the new owner.

The old lovers have reunited and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Aggy is a resident of one of Her Majesty’s stableyards near Rennock’s Preston house. He posted on Facebook, in a post that has been shared thousands of times:

“…this isn’t  typical horse.” He’s a unique horse that has been in some of the most important state events and parades. And he’s spent his whole childhood in immediate contact to the royal family, something that 99 percent of people can only dream of. RHGD AGRICOLA 77 2 TROOP Sir, you will live out your final years in absolute luxury. Thank you for serving QUEEN AND COUNTRY with such dignity and grace. AGGY, I didn’t forget about you.”

Their story has made headlines throughout the world, and people have shown their support for them online as well.
As one woman put it:

“Thank you for your devotion to our Queen and country…a very exceptional horse with a very wonderful owner.Enjoy your retirement, Aggy. You’ve earned it. I’m delighted you’ve reunited.”

Someone else wrote:

“Long may he enjoy his well-deserved retirement in the company of someone who values the honest service he has provided over the years.” Bless his and your hearts, my friend, for finding him and bringing him home to live the rest of his life with you.”

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Soldier Had to Leave His Lovely Horse But He Promised to Come Back And to Adopt Him! Here is How Everything Is Going Now
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