An Unloved Horse Gets a Special Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity picture sessions are intended to honor the expecting mother and her pregnancy experience. While they are popular with people, a rescue decided it would be the ideal way to honor a pregnant horse who had been rescued, according to familypet.

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, a safe haven for mistreated and neglected horses in Missouri, has taken in a herd of neglected miniature horses. Waffle, a lovely white mini horse who arrived with her foal, Toast, was one of the surrendered horses.

Both were covered with burrs and in serious need of some tender loving care.

Toast got a wonderful forever home after receiving all of the required treatment. Waffle, on the other hand, wouldn’t be without a foal for long. Waffle was revealed to be pregnant two months after the herd arrived. Waffle was out with three stallions, so it came as no surprise to the crew, according to rescue director Amanda Mullen.

The crew contacted Tammi Elbert, a photographer, just before Waffle was about to give birth, to capture the stunning mother-to-be. Waffle wore a flower crown and walked around a flower field for her pregnancy photo.

She enjoyed being the center of attention and was unaffected by it.

Elbert had never photographed a pony before, but she had photographed horses before. She’s taken gorgeous shots of wild horses before, and she jumped at the chance to photograph the “cutie.”

The images came out beautifully, and they might be the start of a new trend. Waffle gave birth to a healthy filly on May 13 but has yet to be given a name.

Both are doing well, and the baby cam at Longmeadow shows them bonding.

Fans can’t get enough of the adorable little girl and her caring mother. Many people have offered names, most of which are variations on Waffle’s name, but Pancake is the clear choice.

Waffle and the baby will eventually be placed up for adoption. The charity believes in giving animals a second opportunity and hopes to find loving homes for all of the farm animals they have rescued.

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An Unloved Horse Gets a Special Maternity Photoshoot
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