After a Car Accident on The Road, a Dog Tries To Wake up a Lifeless Cat

In a terrible video from China, a pet dog took a cat away from traffic after attempting to wake it up after it was hit by a vehicle.

The dog, named Black Panther, pulled the cats to the side of the road and attempted to rescue them many times. The unmoving moggie was allegedly left in the middle of the road by a passing car.

When cars drove slowly by, the dog was spotted smelling the no longer breathing cat and the surrounding ground. ‘At first, the dog used its jaws and one leg to attempt to wake up the cat so it could flee the busy road and escape being driven over.’ Mr. Wang explained that when it failed, he used both of his forelegs to try to carry the cat. ‘At long last, it decided to use its lips to gently drag the cat’s skin to the side of the road by,’ he continued. Finally, the dog used its tongue and forelegs to drag the cat’s body to the side of the road.

The owner said that Black Panther was out and about on its own in the area at the time. He mentioned that the pet knew how to avoid being hit by a car. He stated that he was not present at the time of the incident. ‘My precious Black Panther, a Good Samaritan dog,’ the owner stated on social media.

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After a Car Accident on The Road, a Dog Tries To Wake up a Lifeless Cat
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