The Only Zoo Where the Humans Are Kept Behind Bars

Most people would never imagine of being that close to a herd of hungry lions. However, visitors to Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch, New Zealand, may get up up and personal with the big cats thanks to this mobile enclosure…

Lions leap up the sides and onto the top of the moving mesh cage, letting visitors to get as near to the dangerous creatures as is safe. Visitors may observe the lions dine in their natural environment while keepers feed them from within the cage.

‘The Lion Encounter offers a very unique tourist experience,’ said Nathan Hawke, a park spokeswoman.

‘While lions may be seen in a variety of locations, we believe we can get you as near to these amazing animals as you would like to get safely.’ It’s a fun approach to show off lions while also allowing us to talk about how people can aid the King of the Beasts.’

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The Only Zoo Where the Humans Are Kept Behind Bars
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