Little Kittens Were Saved Due to Man’ s Quick Actions and Bright Mind

Coffee is a wonderful drink. It assists people in getting out of bed in the morning and finding the strength to return to work.

It not only keeps the economy going and the world from coming to a stand, but it also saves lives. In this story it saved lifes of little kittens.

Kendall Diwisch is a Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada-based oil worker. He was on his way to do a regular well check when he came across three stray kittens on one of the side roads.

He came to a halt to investigate what was going on and heard some worried meowing. When he drew closer, he noticed that two of the three kittens’ tails were frozen to the ground.

Kendall Diwisch, a Canadian, discovered three kittens with their tails frozen to the ground.

The poor kittens were unable to move and were on the verge of freezing to death.

He poured warm coffee over ice and melted it rapidly.

He hurried to his car to find something to melt the ice when he realized what was going on. He had some warm coffee left over, so he began putting it on their tails. The coffee was intuitively consumed by the kittens, but it wasn’t enough to have some negative consequences.

He had to give it a little pull because there wasn’t enough coffee to do the job. He was able to remove the tails without injuring the kittens.

Diwisch later shared his story on Facebook, where it soon went viral.

He brought them home to keep them warm and fed them.

The kittens were carried to Diwisch’s residence, where they were kept warm and nursed. He dewormed them as well since he intended to give them up for adoption.

He believes the kittens had been freezing for the whole night and were lucky that someone managed to walk by.

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Little Kittens Were Saved Due to Man’ s Quick Actions and Bright Mind
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