Wildlife Photographer Captures “Bunny” Elephant! Click To See More Photos

Elephants are famed for their massive ears, so image how this elephant felt when he was given BUNNY EARS by a dust storm.

The dust from the elephant bull’s footsteps at Etosha National Park, Namibia, South Africa, produced the amazing illusion.

Anja Denker, a Namibian professional photographer, recorded the moment on video. The elephant seemed unconcerned by it.

Anja was on vacation in the park for a week when she stumbled upon the elephant.

“On the grassy plains of Etosha near Batia Waterhole, I observed a bachelor troop of three elephant bulls.”

“On the other side of the road, two additional bulls were making their way across the road in front of my vehicle.”

“One of them stood on a sandy beach and kicked up dust with his feet and trunk, while the other walked on a little.”

“It was only afterwards, when looking over the photos, that I spotted it, when I observed a cloud of dust caused by the elephant that looked like bunny ears.”

“Dust and elephants make for a fantastic picture mix,” Kim remarked. “It was really a lovely moment.”

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Wildlife Photographer Captures “Bunny” Elephant! Click To See More Photos
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