Orangutan Tries To Help Warden To Get Out Of The River But Man Doesn’t Accept His Assistance! Here Is Why

When photographs of an orangutan attempting to assist a guy in a river were uploaded online, they went viral and left many in amazement of the orangutan’s compassion. The photos show the massive beast bending in to pull the guy out of the river.

An amateur photographer called Anil Prabhakar caught the amazing scene. A woods warden was hunting for serpents and removing them from the river when the digital photographer went on a safari with his close mates. This is the angry opponent of primates, especially orangutans.

An orangutan extended out his hand to the woods warden as Prabhakar was about to snap a picture, as if he wanted to assist him. The guy, on the other hand, refused to accept the animal’s hand because he did not want to contact an unknown wild animal.

“He was told there was a snake in the river . The warden went there and removed the shrubs as well. An orangutan also went the financial institutions and observed what he was doing. He then moved in closer and extended his hand. The warden just walked away. Later, when I inquired why, he said, “It’s a wild animal, not one we’re familiar with.” They are, nevertheless, to protect them,”” Prabhakar recalled.

The forest warden is one of several volunteers of Borneo Orangutan Survival Structure, a non-profit organization. It was established in 1991 and now cares for 650 orangutans.

“By preserving orangutans in their native habitat, a diverse range of other flora and species are also protected.” The structure’s website argues that “protecting their wooded home is as vital to humans as it is to wild creatures.”

Watch this beautiful video of staff teaching orphaned orangutans how to recognize serpents: