After Years of A.b.u.s.e, a 30-Year-old Horse Was Left! Look What Happened To Him

Arthur, a Belgian draft, spent the most of his life as a labor horse in a New England agricultural community. However, as he reached the age of 30, he was no longer loved and needed.

He moved from there to auction after auction and dealer after dealer. During his journey, he encountered a horse called Max, with whom he became quite close. Cindy Daigre, founder of Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary in Tennessee, saved the two of them from a high-kill auction in New Holland.

Daigre came upon the two horses on a website where they were for sold. She realized she had to do something to help these horses since they were so underweight and in such horrible health. “I was informed that Arthur was starved on purpose while waiting to travel to the next auction, and that the guy who owned him routinely sold thin elderly horses to the ‘cat man’ with exotic cats for meat,” Daigre told The Dodo. “I was astounded.” Daigre was able to hire a transporter and move both of the horses to her sanctuary thanks to the support of others.

Daigre understood the horses would have a long road to recovery, even if they were finally protected. Arthur was so weak and frail-looking that he couldn’t even stand up. He was exhausted and would simply lay on the ground, unable to eat or enjoy himself.

Arthur eventually made himself at home in the sanctuary and started to eat. Every day, he started to gain strength. But his closest buddy Max’s recovery would be more difficult.

“Max has a back problem, as well as neurological and foot concerns,” Daigre said. He also has scars from previous trauma all over his body. “When he arrived, he had been grossly mistreated and was terrified. He had no use for anyone.” Working with him was genuinely risky.”

Despite the fact that dealing with these horses was difficult, Daigre never gave up. Within a year of the rescue, she saw significant changes in Max’s behavior. Both horses are exceptionally healthy, powerful, and lovely two years after their rescue.

Arthur’s mane has grown longer and more attractive, which they braid in the summer to keep him cool. Both Arthur and Max are still close friends and enjoy spending time with one other. “Through sadness and then compassion, they created a bond,” Daigre added.

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After Years of A.b.u.s.e, a 30-Year-old Horse Was Left! Look What Happened To Him
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