Be prepared to cry… a lot.! A little girl says her last goodbyes to a cat who was her first buddy

When some cats notice little children approaching, they make a break for it. Binx, on the other hand.

Binx adores the youngsters in his area. Especially one with the name Lainey.

Lainey and Binx made friends while walking with her family on a regular basis.
Lainey couldn’t play with other kids in 2020 because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

“We began taking regular walks in our neighborhood in March 2020, which is when we first met Binx.” Lainey’s mother, thecolorfulmother, said on TikTok, “He warmed to our daughter fast and began welcoming her as soon as he spotted her arriving

Lainey used to casually stroll up to Binx, and he would let her approach him.

Some cats are afraid of young people because they are concerned about their chaotic movements.
Binx, on the other hand, was not afraid of Lainey. He’d eventually rush up to welcome her before she could even get to him.

“He  became a nice companion to her during such isolated periods when there were no youngsters the motherplay with,” mum said.

Binx and Lainey remained friends for years after the epidemic, and they looked forward to seeing each other every day.

“The affection has endured throughout time.” “He even comes to our home,” the mother said.

According to research conducted by Oregon State University, “the majority of cats consider people as a source of comfort.”
That might explain Binx’s fondness for Lainey. Or maybe he simply thought she was cool.

Anyway, they spent a lot of time together during the previous several years.

Unfortunately, their regular rendezvous would be cut short.
Lainey and her mother were out on a stroll recently when they saw a “For Sale” sign in front of Binx’s home.

That meant Binx was leaving, and Lainey would have to say her last farewell to him.

“We are heartbroken, but grateful for the pleasure he offered her at a time when we all needed it,” the mother added.

Lainey’s mother saw the last farewell on tape and burst into tears.

Then she uploaded it on TikTok, causing the rest of the internet to cry.
“I wept at the end—our beloved neighborhood dogs surely have a place in our hearts,” a TikTok commentator said.

“He wanted your small girl to know that, contrary to popular belief, black cats are fantastic!” “And maybe one day she’ll remember and acquire one,” added another commenter.

I really appreciate your producing this. Binx had a particular bond with the children in our neighborhood. “It was simply so gorgeous,” a neighbor said.

The video below shows Lainey and Binx’s last scene together.

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Be prepared to cry… a lot.! A little girl says her last goodbyes to a cat who was her first buddy
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