Mama Orangutan is overwhelmed with emotion when she is reunited with her stolen baby

Clara, a pregnant orangutan, gave birth to Clarita, a baby girl, at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. However, the sanctuary employees soon discovered that the infant had disappeared from her room.

This secured sanctuary is located in the middle of a deep forest and is normally free of p.o.a.c.hers. However, the terrified staff left no stone unturned in their search for the missing baby Clarita. They ultimately discovered the baby, who was being kept hostage by Rizki, a dominant male orangutan!

The employees discovered Clarita was severely weakened after rescuing her from the hands of the alpha male ab.d.uctor. She also had a skin condition that required rapid treatment in the critical care unit. After days of care, Clarita was no longer in danger, but she was still very weak.

The employees were afraid to reintroduce Clarita to Clara at this stage. While Clara had been heartbroken since her daughter went missing, the staff understood that mom orangutans reject and as.s.a.ult their vulnerable children if they think they have little chance of surviving.

In this video, we observe the stressful moments when the employees deliver Clarita to her devastated mother. At first, Clara is perplexed, but she immediately succumbs to her maternal instincts and loves her daughter with all her love!

Workers cry as they observe sad Clara squeezing her baby tightly while trying to milk her. The mother just wants to defend her darling kid!

Watch Clara’s pain as she reunites with her stolen daughter in the video below!

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Mama Orangutan is overwhelmed with emotion when she is reunited with her stolen baby
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