Wildlife Photographer Takes Pictures of a Rare and Incredible White Reindeer! Tap to See More Photos

Mads Nordsveen, a nature photographer from Norway, snapped up images that appear to have been taken from a wonderful Christmas story. He was out hiking in the Oslo area when he came upon an extremely uncommon white newborn deer.

“I was trekking in the highlands seeking for wonderful views for my vacation photos when cute animal appeared from nowhere,” claimed the 24-year-old guy.

Despite the fact that the white background nearly completely obscured the cute deer, the photographer said it did not try to hide and even “made poses” for several shots.

“He came quite near to me, and we gazed at each other,” Nordsveen remembered, “and after a few seconds, the mother of the white deer revealed from the trees .” It took a couple of minutes to wander around before returning towards her mother. It was very wonderful and looked like something out of a fairy tale.”

White reindeer have an unique gene mutation that permits them to fit in with their pristine white environment by removing colour from their coats. They are distinguished from albinos by the presence of black pigment in their horns and eyes.

This isn’t the first experience   of this wildlife photographer who has had the opportunity to interact with another wild creatures. He also photographed Lynx and wolves he spotted in Northern Norway.

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