A little cow manages to escape from a slaug.hterhouse and then is being adopted by a wild deer family

Bonnie is a lovely white and brown cow that currently resides at Farm Sanctuary in New York. But it had been a long, terrifying, yet magical journey to get here.

Bonnie was just 4 months old . Her environment at the time was a slaug.hter.house, and she was well aware that she didn’t have a future.

Bonnie left her house because of her family’s anxious screams, and when her owners were engaged loading a trailer, she took advantage of the chance and ran into the neighboring forest.

Bonnie’s heroic escape immediately became known, and despite occasional sightings, no one was able to apprehend her.

Bonnie stayed at large for several weeks, leaving many people baffled as to how this farm animal managed to survive alone in the woods over the winter.

They quickly discovered the answer: she wasn’t alone.

It was spotted by hunters using cameras placed up in the woods. Bonnie was surrounded by a herd of deer, they noticed.

Bonnie had found comfort with the herd, and it appeared that she had been welcomed as one of them. They stayed together, ate together, and even relaxed together.

Bonnie was visiting animal lover Becky Bartels one day, and Becky knew Bonnie required all the assistance she could get to survive through the tough winter.

So she’d go through the snow every day, bringing Bonnie a food and blankets. Bonnie was still afraid of people, but she soon warmed up to Becky and let her pet her.

It seemed like something out of a fairy tale, but Becky knew it was only a matter of time, especially since Bonnie’s neighbor had threatened to get rid of him if they see him on their land.

Becky was moved to contact the Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit committed to the rescue and care of injured farm animals.

They assist by giving them with a loving permanent home in which they may rest and live a long and happy life.

So Farm Sanctuary dispatched a rescue team to Bonnie’s recovery and transport her to her new place. It took several efforts, but in the end, it was a success.

After 8 months in the wilderness with her deer herd, Bonnie had made a good adjustment. She made good friends and is repeatedly showered with the love she so richly deserves.

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A little cow manages to escape from a slaug.hterhouse and then is being adopted by a wild deer family
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