The Iconic “Supermom” Tigress Has Passed away In India! The Photos of Her Funeral are Quite Touching

The famous “Supermom” tigress has passed away, and the photos of her funeral are pretty moving. There are animals who become very famous and special for some reason and when they leave this  world, they are missed.

Collarwali, the ‘Supermom’ tigress, was one of this animals.  The Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh, in central India, has shared their sorrow for her.

The tigress was given a proper funeral, and the Department of Forests issued a series of images. They have organized very special and big funeral and even not being alive, tigress seems so beautiful .

A white sheet was draped over the animal, which was covered with bright flower garlands. T15 was the official name of the tigress, and she was well-known  across the country.

People decided to give her a name “Supermom” for raising hundreds of tiger cubs. Many high-ranking officials, including Forest Minister Dr. Kunwar Vijay Shah, went to her burial. The funeral was at Pench National Park’s Tiger Reserve. Wildlife enthusiasts in the vicinity were saddened by the tigress’ loss.

The state’s Chief Minister also attended to give his respects to the tigress. The roar of the cubs of the ‘Queen’ of the Pench Tiger will always be heard in the woods of Madhya Pradesh.

At the age of 16 and a half, the tigress passed away of natural causes. She gave birth to about 29 cubs between.  She left a profound contribution to the growth of the tiger family in Pench. The Indian government has been attempting to protect tigers for a long time.

They launched Project Tiger in 1973 and had a big success with it. The tiger population has balanced, although the International Union for Conservation of Nature continues to categorize it as an endangered species on its Red List.

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The Iconic “Supermom” Tigress Has Passed away In India! The Photos of Her Funeral are Quite Touching
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