Lovely Moment! Wildlife Photographer Captures Zebra Singing Under The Rain

A cheerful zebra seems to be singing under the rain during the Great Migration to cheer up its gloomy-looking companions, prompting a rainbow to form overhead.

Although the rain clearly angered the most of the zebras, one in particular was seen smiling and singing when a rainbow emerged.

Ingo Gerlach, a traveler from Germany, was on safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara when he has been almost 2 hours attempting to photograph the reserve’s zebras.

Ingo strained to maintain his camera dry as he tried to get the perfect image of a lively baby zebra singing for its pals.

“The zebra’s facial features revealed a lot of individuality, whilst the others looked to be upset by the bad weather.”

“I’m not sure how it brought out the rainbow on its own, but it looked to be singing under the rain to lighten up its friends, although zebra sounds  a lot like donkey.”

“However, the zebra’s expression did make me laugh — he seemed to be singing and having a wonderful time,”.

“This glitter was an important element of the journey. More than two million zebra and wildebeest cross the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara in Kenya.”

“They’d come to a halt here, to wait for the rain to pass before starting again their journey. Many people don’t survive because of crocodiles when going across the Mara River.

“We were on safari with our guide and driver when we came across hundreds of zebra.

“During the storm, it was incredibly wet, and the water was streaming down in buckets.” We felt obliged to take a break, just like they did.

She continues, “I kept relatively calm and wanted to keep my camera dry.” “I merely open the window for a few seconds, take a few photos, and then close it as fast as possible.” The majority of my time is spent in Europe and Kenya. Leopards, elephants, crocodiles, and bears are among the animals I’ve shot.

“One of my favorite activities is photographing, which I’ve been doing for almost 40 years.”

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Lovely Moment! Wildlife Photographer Captures Zebra Singing Under The Rain
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