Video! Elephant helps an impala to get out of the waterhole

Elephants are among the world’s most well-known and lovely creatures. These huge animals have cultural importance in many countries, including India. Elephant clips have grown more popular on social media.

Elephants are often seen cuddling rhinos, aiding other animals, or engaging in a variety of pleasant actions.

A video of elephants helping an impala stuck in a pond was recently published by an Indian Forest Service employee.

Despite not knowing one other or being able to meet again, the elephants and impala rescued the impala stuck in the waterhole.

The video went viral and has been seen over 13K times and liked 1.2K times. While the elephant pulling an impala from a waterhole well surprised internet users, others grabbed the chance to debate the difference between people and animals.

While animals have a natural desire to save, people , don’t have. ‘That’s how kind each critter in Nature is…. except man..,’ said one user.

‘We Humans, the Almighty’s supreme creation, as we all say, have much to learn from the pachyderms’ behavior,’ commented another. Humans have rational minds, but animals have sympathetic hearts that beat for all other species.

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Video! Elephant helps an impala to get out of the waterhole
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