Wildlife photographer captures a moment when big brother tickles a baby elephant and he rolls on the grass, laughing

This is the endearing scene when a baby elephant is giggling on the floor while its eldervbrother tickles him with his trunk.A wildlife photographer from South Africa’s Sundays River Valley, recorded the scene.

In South Africa’s Addo Elephant Park, a little elephant was cuddling with his brother. To the pleasure of witnesses, he was tickled on the grass before crawling on his brother’s back.

Lee-Anne Robertson, a wildlife photographer, recorded a sweet moment when the entire family was playing together. This is the wonderful scene when a newborn elephant falls on the floor, writhing and laughing, while its sibling tickles it with his trunk.

Lee-Anne Robertson captured the pair. During their shenanigans in Addo Elephant Park last month, the lively creatures were observed climbing over each other. ‘I find he’s lovely, like any kid,’ Lee-Anne added. He’s a bundle of joy who wants to play with someone.’

‘After a time, he collapsed to the ground, and his brother went over and began playingfully caressing him with his trunk, as if inviting it to join in the fun.’ In a charming scene seen on video, a young elephant appeared to wiggle on the floor with amusement while his sibling tickled it with his trunk.

Lee-Anne, found the couple last month. As his sibling rubbed his trunk all over him, the young elephant fell on the grass in delight. Last month, the lively elephants at Elephant Addo Park had a great time running and playing together.

In a diversified wildlife conservation area in Port Elizabeth, the lovely animals were sighted playing together. ‘Elephants are wonderful creatures, they love their families, and they show tremendous compassion and care to their family members,’ Lee-Anne remarked. The young elephant tried to get up after playing on the ground, but he kept playing with his sibling.

While the other members of the herd looked on, the baby elephant crept on the back of the larger elephant. ‘After a time, he dropped him on the grass, and his brother came over and began playingfully caressing him with his trunk as if to want him to play,’ Lee-Anne recalled. The infant responded by standing up and climbing on his brother.

Elephants are considered to be highly protective of their families, as well as patient and kind to one another, according to the wildlife photographer. ‘Infants are safeguarded, cherished, and cared for, as seen by their mother standing close, admiring her happy little family,’ she said.

Here is an adorable video of them! Watch and enjoy!

ONSCREEN CREDIT – Lee-Anne Robertson

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Wildlife photographer captures a moment when big brother tickles a baby elephant and he rolls on the grass, laughing
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