A man and a former racehorse become close friends and give each other a purpose to live

Although it is frequently said that a dog is a man’s greatest friend, Donnie MacAdams considers his loyal horse Waco to be his finest buddy. Waco Hanover, a popular racing purebred, now shares his leisure time with his best human companion Donnie. Donnie works at a state information service in Vermont where he interacts with a lot of people during the day, but he can’t wait to come home and spend time with Waco — he even lives above the stable, so the two might be called housemates.

Donnie has dedicated his spare time to Waco for the past eight years.

The friends have helped one other go through difficult times, with Donnie praising Waco for assisting him in recovering from a heart attack.

“I couldn’t lift a five-gallon bucket of  water because it was too physically demanding,” he says, but Waco helped him get back on his feet, and now he can carry a five-pound pot with ease.

Donnie didn’t have too much of an appetite when he first met Waco in 2008.

According to CBS News, he claimed, “I wanted to dig a grave because I didn’t believe he’d survive it through the winter.”

But it turns out that this brave old horse was just lonely, not sick.

“I simply chatted to him for about a half-hour one day and convinced him that I’m not going anywhere and that I’m your buddy.” For the past eight years, it’s been going on.”

They now like hanging together and eating animal crackers.

Waco celebrated his 40th birthday in 2017 – that’s 120 years in human years – and Donnie is attributed with the horse’s survival.

“There were moments in the cold when I’d stroll into the barn, down to the stall front, and simply lean on it.” Donnie told CBS News that he would place his head on my shoulder and chew and then to calm me down.

Sadly, this devoted horse passed away in 2019 at the age of 42.

“My closest buddy, therapist, sounding board, and during the last several years a camera slut Waco has passed away,” Donnie said in a farewell to his friend.

“I never imagined a horse could be such a wonderful buddy. He was all of these things and more.”

Animals have the incredible ability to change our life in ways that few of us can comprehend. What a magnificent horse. Waco, may you rest in peace.

Donnie and Waco were really fortunate to have met and spent so many years together. Please spread the word.

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A man and a former racehorse become close friends and give each other a purpose to live
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