Dedicated caregivers spend long days without sleeping to take care of orphaned baby elephants

Elephants, like many other animal species, are in danger of extinction. Due to habitat destruction and hunting, their numbers are dropping every year. Nonetheless, some people are going to great lengths to ensure that they are secure.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya is one such organization that is caring after the elephants’ needs and providing us hope that the situation will not be resolved very soon. For over a century, these amazing creatures have been cared for by the dedicated people who live here.

Over 8,000 elephants have been rehabilitated and over 250 orphaned elephants have been raised thus far. The animal carers there go to great lengths to look after the creatures. They work with dedication and care, sometimes sleeping with the newborn elephants to ensure their comfort.

The lives of newborn elephants are difficult since their moms have passed away. So, like human infants, these babies want someone to keep them warm, feed them, and snuggle with them.

The caregivers treat the newborns as if they were their own, and the majority of them are dads who understand how to cope with a screaming baby.

One of the keepers commented on how much these newborns look like human babies. They cry out in the night and are quite restless, much like human newborns. They sometimes scream for milk and desperately need a mother, and these caregivers are attempting to be their moms.

When the newborns are tiny, they require feeding every three hours, even at night, and the caregivers are unconcerned.

They are truly moms to them, according to a keeper, and watch after them even at night. They also wrap the newborns in blankets at night to ensure that they get enough sleep to develop healthy.

These caregivers go above and beyond to look for the newborns, which is a wonderful thing.

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Dedicated caregivers spend long days without sleeping to take care of orphaned baby elephants
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