The saddest stray cat looks completely different after being adopted. Watch the video to learn more about his experience

Meet Mister Bruce Willis, the sorrowful stray cat that has completely transformed into a joyful cat after being adopted.

Before discovering his permanent home, the orange cat had to live 6 years on the streets, being lonely and unwanted.

When he was 6 years old, the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota saved him. He was looked after by the animal sanctuary, which also helped him find a suitable family. They used internet to spread Bruce’s story in the hopes to find him a forever home.

After a month, Bruce was welcomed and adopted by Sandra, a cat enthusiast who loved immidietaly him after reading his touching statement. She knew she wouldn’t be able to resist this sad kitty at that time.

“I first saw Mister Willis last year in an article from the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota. His gaze pulled me in with a special intensity. He had a pessimistic face. I knew I couldn’t do anything since my rent forbade me from getting a cat, and I had no hope of taking one.

Despite this situation, I felt obligated to visit him.  He seemed considerably sadder in real life, and I had to go after a few minutes since it was so heartbreaking. So  I kept going back to see him. He has FIV, which isn’t a big deal, but he had a respiratory system infection while he was at an animal sanctuary with a lot of other animals.

He was really unwell for a spell. “I had thought he would be adopted,” Sandra continued, “but he was still there week after week.”

She convinced her owner to make an exception to the apartment’s no-pet restriction. After the owner approved, Sandra was allowed to take the cat home.

Bruce started a new life as a loving pet when he was adopted by Sandra.

“I ultimately decided to ask my landlords for approval to bring him home, and I was ecstatic when he agreed.” I took him home the day after. He went from the saddest cat I’d ever seen to the brightest  and happiest cat I’d ever seen in only a few hours. He didn’t leave my side the entire day, and he purred the entire time.”

As a result of his experience on the streets, Bruce had major health issues, such as scars, a healed eye injury, damaged teeth, feline acquired immunodeficiency syndrome testing positive, and immune system abnormalities.

“The FIV virus has affected Mister Willis. FIV stands for cat immunodeficiency virus, and it’s not quite as scary as it seems. It only means that his immune system isn’t as strong as a ‘typical’ cat’s. When I originally got him from the sanctuary, he had a fever, an ear infection, and an eye infection.

It was a bit more challenging for him to challenge it off because he has FIV+, but he managed, and I’m completely unaware of his illness right now. “All I’m doing is making sure I’m doing everything I can to make him healthy and happy.”

Despite his gloomy look and sad circumstances, he was “the sweetest and most charming cat.” As he adapts to his new environment, Bruce becomes more energetic.

Mister Willis has changed considerably a year after he met his new owner and fell in love.

Sandra posted Bruce’s pics on social media, capturing the hearts of millions of people. Of course, everybody is ecstatic to see how far he has come.

“It has been a year since I adopted him, and now he’s the happiest and nicest cat I know,” she said in the post.

“It’s been a year since we’ve been together, and we’ve had our ups and downs.” He was really unwell for a time, and we had to wait for the veterinarian on a regular basis. He was lucky in that he  could overcome all of his diseases, and he is now a happy and healthy feline.”

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The saddest stray cat looks completely different after being adopted. Watch the video to learn more about his experience
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