While everyone thinks that cats don’t like a water, this video shows quite the opposite! Watch amazing video of rescued tigers who swim for the first time

Have you ever seen tigers swimming? We found a wonderfully moving scene of young tigers swimming for the first time.

Due to horrible circumstances, the cage in which the two sad tigers were held had to be destroyed.

It was in Ner York.   Lily and Carli are the names of the tigers who were rescued.

They were 12 years old when they were brought from the cage to the refuge. They’ve moved into the Safe Haven Wildlife Reserve as their new home. It is situated in the state of Nevada.

Kelly Donithan recently visited the tigers’ new habitat and saw them swimming. She is, by the way, a representative of the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Kelly claims that, while most people believe cats dislike water, this is wrong. These tigers like not only playing but also bathing.

Lily jumped into the water at the first chance and began swimming as though she had done so before.

Considering how much tigers enjoy swimming in the water, seeing them do so for the first time is a joy.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare would like to express its gratitude to everyone involved.

Here is their amazing video! Enjoy!