A large Bengal tiger is kept as a pet by an Indonesian man

A large Bengal tiger is kept by an Indonesian as a household pet.

Abdullah Saleh, 36, who isn’t afraid of tigers, demonstrates it cuddling and kissing them, in this case, Mulan Jamila, a 10-year-old large cat.

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Abdullah has raised the 28-stone, 6 lb animal since he was 3 months old at his house in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, and believes the two have built a fantastic connection.

Mulan and Abdullah interact with each other every day. He says that he is not afraid of Abdullah. He can embrace, tickle, and even kiss the three-metre-long creature, which consumes 10 kg of chicken or goat flesh every day.

Abdullah says that he sleeps in the same area as the huge cat, but admits the animal’s rough play has left him with claw marks on his face.

“Mulan gets worried when I am not around,” the instructor explained. She occasionally requests that I sleep in her enclosure, which I do.

Pic from Novan /Sijori Images

“At first, Mulan was so small, but currently she weighs 400 pounds. She’s three meters long, including her lengthy tail, and one meter tall. She’s a lot of fun. She resembles a cat, a large cat with her own instincts. ”

Abdulah tells about Mulan with a smile on his face. He adds: “When she’s playing, she can scratch or even bite, and she’ll fi.g.h.t with me sometimes. Those are only a few of the dangers I have to contend with, but I have fun playing with her. ”

Pic from Novan /Sijori Images

“She’s my closest buddy, and I love spending time with her.”

When the cub was presented to the school by her former owner, Abdullah, a teacher at Al Ainul Baahirooh Islamic private school, was responsible  for her, but they quickly became friends.

In his village, he’s known as ‘caregiver’ for his care of the gigantic tiger.

Every day, he feeds, bathes, and plays with the tiger, and Mulan gives him kisses and cuddles in return for his love.

Pic from Novan /Sijori Images

However, Abdullah’s face and body are frequently scratched by the tiger’s long, sharp claws.

“Mulan Jamillah was given when she was barely three months old,” he explained.

“I was asked to look after her. It was only a part-time job at the time, but I quickly developed a relationship with the cute cub and joyfully spent the majority of my time caring for her.

We’ve known each other for ten years. She stays in my house with me.

“She’s grown up now.”

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A large Bengal tiger is kept as a pet by an Indonesian man
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