Photographer captures rare white tigers in once-in-a-lifetime shot

The world’s last 3 surviving and free–roaming white tigers were photographed playing together in the wilderness.

Clint Ralph’s stunning shots capture a white Bengal tiger mom and her 2 babies  playing in the water in the Tiger Canyon reserve in Philippolis, South Africa.


In the first photo there are two of the recognizable huge cats playing in the water, while another image captures the third one, flawlessly mirrored in the water as it approaches it.

“This was a really remarkable encounter since they are the only three free–roaming white tigers in the world,” Clint, 55, of Pretoria, South Africa, said.

“A few are maintained in zoos, but this mom and her two cubs live on a reserve where tigers wander freely.”


“When I first saw them, I was overjoyed.

“Watching and photographing them enjoying their time while playing in the water was incredible.”

Clint, who runs a recycling and trash management firm and has been photographing for five years, says the mom’s third cub is orange, as is the dad.

The reserve attracted the 55-year-old, who was asked to shoot the animals at Tiger Canyon.


“Opening a refuge where tigers may wander free and catch their own game is a wonderful and daring concept,” he continued.

“The goal is to create a gene pool outside of Asia as a protective measure for threatened animals.”

“With the rise in p.o.a. and habitat loss, our research will hopefully help in the expansion of the world’s free-roaming tiger number.”

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Photographer captures rare white tigers in once-in-a-lifetime shot
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