Touching story! Two men put their lives on the line to save stranded foxes from the flood

After risking their lives to save four foxes stuck in floodwaters, two Canadian guys have been dubbed heroes. After seeing the foxes stuck on some rocks poking out of the sea, Colin Graham and Jordan Olson came to their rescue.

Welwyn, a community around 250 kilometers east of Regina, has just been flooded. “Pretty much all of our goods here are under a lake,” Colin explained.

Colin is an animal enthusiast who has been watching foxes on his land for months. He said, “They’ve been hanging out on this rocky shoreline outside our house for the entire spring.”

Colin and his sister discovered a juvenile fox stuck above floodwaters of around eight feet. “My sister was curious about the foxes, so we went there, and there was just one rock poking out of the water’s surface.”

Colin and his pal decided to jump in and save the terrified fox. One of the guys I was with, Jordan Olson, advised that we simply swim to them and get them, “he explained.

The fox was initially scared of the guys swimming towards him. “He had a little bit of strength when I first reached there, so he jumped off the rock and into the water and tried to swim away,” Colin explained. “But I was able to catch up to him.” The frightened baby fox was about the size of a kitten.

Colin and Jordan securely loaded the fox into their pickup and drove it home. Colin added, “We placed it in the back of my vehicle, and our home is just nearby, so we carried it home, cleaned it up, and got it warmed up.”

Colin Graham and Jordan Olson put their lives on the line to save several helpless foxes in Canada from flooding.

The first baby fox they rescued was about the size of a kitten. At first, he was terrified of the males and attempted to swim away.

When the foxes were stuck on some stones in Welwyn, Canada, there had been 8 inches of water.

On that day, the men also discovered the mom fox and were able to reunite the mother and child. “Then, we were going and noticed the mom out there, so we brought him back, “Colin added.

Colin smiled as he said, “They’re reunited.” “The other day, I observed them running around.”

Colin and Jordan’s willingness to rescue the trapped foxes and reunite a mom with her infant is quite incredible. At the very least, the two gentlemen will be able to tell their friends a wonderful story!

My belief in humanity has returned, and I don’t know about you. What a relief to know that there are individuals out there that genuinely care about animals!

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Touching story! Two men put their lives on the line to save stranded foxes from the flood
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