Stunning images of a baby elephant hugging a forest inspector have gone viral

People have been moved by the story about the elephant calf and the forestry official.

“Love knows no language,” started a message accompanying a photo of IFS employee Parveen Kaswan. A newborn calf and a forest officer had a pleasant connection. The photo became famous throughout the internet.

“A ranger officer is holding a newborn elephant.” The crew saved a baby and reunited it with its mother, Kaswan said in the description, which also included the photograph.

Two humans and a calf pose in the woods in this picture. The cute little animal was observed with its trunk clutching one of the men’s leg.

Since it was posted, the post has received over 14,000 likes, and the number continues to rise. People have left a variety of remarks as a result of sharing.

“Love knows no bounds.” A Twitter user remarked: “My heart melts at the formal deed and gesture of the elephant calf,” “I adore animals. Such exciting news… Another user said, “Gives relaxation to the eyes and mind.” “All global languages are love, compassion, and appreciation. A third added, “Understood across locations and species.”

Kaswan further stated in his response to his own post that the photo was taken by authorities from the Tamil Nadu Forest Service. “It’s a work of pure art.” “TN Forestry Department,” he said on Twitter.

What are your opinions on the photograph that went viral?

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Stunning images of a baby elephant hugging a forest inspector have gone viral
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