The cutest video ever! Mom was unable to soothe the crying baby, but when their cat appeared, it made a miracle

Getting a newborn to sleep in his or her cot can be a challenging undertaking. To fall asleep, babies must be completely relaxed, and cats may greatly assist in this process. They’ve been demonstrated to reduce stress and help relaxation in adults, and some have even been reported to be able to put newborns to sleep.

A viral video has appeared showing a domestic cat lulling a baby to sleep. The baby’s father uploaded it to the internet. Connar, the newborn, is obviously having trouble sleeping, and his mom is at a loss as to what to do to assist him. The cat then comes and helps her.

Connar’s hair is gently stroked by Stewie, the household cat shown in the video. To calm the baby, he uses a delicate stroke and a light touch. After an initial burst of wailing, the baby eventually falls asleep. As it stands, Stewie appears to have actual magical abilities and will be a huge help to the new parents.

Watch an amazing video ! It is too cute!