While their mother heals after being a.t.t.a.c.k.ed by another lioness, the father lion tries to care for five naughty cubs

As these amazing pictures show, it’s not just people who have to deal with the stress of extra babysitting.

When Singa, an African lion, was abroad, his group of five naughty youngsters proved to be more than a handful.

Singa, an African lion that lives in Belgium’s Pakawi Park Zoo, struggled to care for his five pups while his mother was healing from an injury sustained by another lioness.

Singa attempted to pick up the babies and transport them to a secure place as their mom would, but he did not even know how to do so correctly, causing them to wail every time he approached them.

Dad was loving with the cubs and patient with their tantrums, but he became irritated when they began to b.i.t.e his tail.

‘The mother was wo,u.n.ded by another lioness, “wildlife photographer Linda Smit stated. She suffered serious injuries and needed to be isolated from her cubs for a few weeks to recover. As a result, Dad had to look after them.

‘He was attempting to raise them, like a mother would, in order to move them to a safer location.” However, being a man, he lacked the necessary skills and expertise to carry them safely.

Despite his compassionate treatment of the cubs, they wailed whenever he approached and attempted to relocate them. He was extremely patient with them, but he did become irritated when they scratched his tail. ”

As the last picture shows, the cubs were clearly happy when JJ was brought back to health by zoo veterinarians and returned to their enclosure.

The cubs were overjoyed when their favorite mom came back from the vets, completely healed from her injuries.