This is probably the world’s tallest and heaviest cat

What’s the height and weight of the tallest and heaviest cat you’ve ever seen? Whatever it is, you have to be surprised by this Maine Coon Kitten’s surprise. Regardless of the fact that he has not yet achieved full maturity, Kefir is a stunning cat that weighs 28 pounds. Many people often mistake him for a dog because of his massive size.

Yuliya Minina, Kefir’s owner, lives in Russia. Yuliya could never imagine that her lovely cat would become an international Internet star one day. She met this great furry companion 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with him. Kefir used to sleep curled up next to Yuliya when he was a baby. This habit does not appear to be a serious concern because he was so young at the time. Yuliya, on the other hand, is having trouble keeping Kefir in position now that he’s grown into a mini-giant.

Despite his gigantic size, Kefir is an incredibly affectionate cat. Kefir, unlike other cats that scream and yell all day, does not meow, yell, or claw on the couch or anywhere else. He’s a one-of-a-kind cat in every aspect. In the same way that a savvy cat keeps a low profile and watches everything, he does the same.

Yuliya regularly uploaded pictures of Kefir on Instagram and TikTok, and she was astonished when some people mistook it for a dog! As a result of her adoption of this huge feline friend, her life has changed dramatically.

She considered herself exceedingly lucky to have Kefir as a friend.

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This is probably the world’s tallest and heaviest cat
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