Meet a little girl and her enormous friend 

A young girl has an enormous friend after helping to tame a fully grown wild elephant.

Lovely young lady Kim Luan is a M’Nong ethnic minority living in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Before bringing wild elephants to their tribe, the M’Nong people educated them.

Kim has formed a close relationship with the enormous beast, but one wrong step may be le.t.hal.

The duo is completely at ease with each other, and the gentle jumbo enjoys watching her play.

A 35-year-old French photographer, Réhahn, recorded a touching sight in Buon M’Lieng early last month.

“Elephants are important members of the community, and anything that has to do with them must follow the traditions of the M’Nong people,” he said.

As a stranger, I am astounded by this bond, but for the M’nong, having an elephant in the yard is as ordinary as having a cat.

“I sense mutual respect between them.” The girl fears me more than an elephant.

Réhahn has lived in Vietnam for 7 years and has taken over 45,000 photographs there.

This is the first time he’s seen M’Nong and their elephants communicate like this.

“It’s not harmful to her,” he said, “since elephants are calm until you try to harm them.”

“However, the M’Nong live in the wild with elephants and understand how to keep them quiet.”

“This is very distinctive, and the fact that M’Nong is now not dressed in traditional clothing adds to the photographs’ uniqueness.”

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