Volunteers attempt to help an elephant calf who was hit by a motorbike(Video)

This is the stunning scene doctors in Thailand tried CPR on a newborn elephant after it was struck by a motorcycle.

After a motorbike slammed into the one-month-old jumbo in Chanthaburi province on Saturday, it was thrown to the ground and wailing in agony.

The elephant was hurt, and the driver, Anan Cherdsoongnern, 53, was thrown into the air and landed 20 feet away.

The newborn calf was wailing heavily while resting on its side. The elephant’s cries were heard by staff at the neighboring Forest Fire Control office, who hurried to the site.

One of the helpers started performing CPR on the baby as the creature began losing consciousness and had a low pulse.

Its heartbeat slowly came back, but it still couldn’t stand up straight when paramedics came and carried the hurt biker away on a stretcher.

After a motorcyclist crashed with the one-month-old jumbo ,it was thrown to the ground and wailing in agony.

After receiving CPR, volunteers and doctors assisted the young elephant, but it was still too weak to move.

After a few minutes, the newborn calf was capable of standing, but it still couldn’t walk accurately.

The child got stronger after volunteers took it in a car to a quiet spot across the street in hopes that its mother would find it.

The mom elephant came from the jungle along the roadway and immediately approached the injured jumbo. She then led it back into the woods alongside her.

The child gained strength after being transported in a vehicle by volunteers to a quiet corner across the road in the hopes that her mom would discover her.

The elephant’s mother went right up to it when she saw it was hurt, and the two were seen heading back into the jungle together.

‘We provided the elephant first treatment, and then one of my teammates had to give CPR,’ said Lek, a member of the rescue team.

‘It was a terrifying experience. I’m relieved that the baby has recovered from its injuries and is now with its mother. ‘

While helping the injured motorcycle rider, the paramedics let the mom take her baby and waited for them to leave. He is presently healing from his injuries in a hospital.

“It was dark when the accident occurred,” Lek said. We believe the baby elephant was startled and went onto the road, but we’ll have to wait till the injured guy has healed before asking him about it. ‘

Here’s the link to the video:

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Volunteers attempt to help an elephant calf who was hit by a motorbike(Video)
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