The moving story of “Britain’s fattest cat,” who was adopted and then returned to the shelter several times…

Meet Mitzi, a sweet cat in search of what every other cat desires: a permanent home. Her modest dream appeared to be difficult to achieve after she was returned to the refuge four times.

The stray cat came to Woodside Animal Sanctuary in Plymouth, Devon, when she was 8 years old. She was a homeless cat, but she was massive, weighing roughly 17 pounds at the time. The caretakers at the animal refuge feared that she was being fed by a large number of individuals. “Like many cats,” shelter manager Helen Lecointe told the BBC, “she seemed to be quite excellent at adopting people.” “She didn’t belong to anyone, yet she was nourished by everyone.”

Mitzi grew familiar with the staff at the refuge after settling in and felt safe. The shelter posted a photo of her on Facebook with the caption: “Mitzi, the fattest cat we have ever had in?” in an attempt to find her a home. Possibly! ”

After the photo went viral, Mitzi was instantly branded “Britain’s fattest stray cat” in newspapers around the country. Following that, people from all over the planet applied to adopt Mitzi.

On the other hand, Mitzi was looking for a local adoptive since Woodside Animal Sanctuary was afraid that she might be upset if she had to go too far. Finally, Mitzi was adopted by a local woman who volunteered to foster her.

Due to a change in circumstances, Mitzi’s new owner was also unable to care for her. As a result, she was given back to the shelter and soon adopted by a new family. Mitzi’s second owner, on the other hand, grew unwell and had to return her to the shelter. Mitzi, the sad cat, awaited a new loving home with patience. “A cat being returned this many times is really rare,” Lecointe added.

Mitzi then went in with her third owner, whom she liked and who assisted her in losing weight. Mitzi’s weight plummeted from 17 to 11 pounds during her tenure with her owner. Her owner, sadly, passed away. The bereft cat returned to the shelter in quest of a new forever home.

Mitzi was happily adopted by one of the third owner’s friends last month. After Mitzi’s owner passed away, the individual indicated that they wanted to adopt her but couldn’t due to their rental property — but that has since changed. They are moving and want Mitzi to have a loving home with them. “We had proposals from the US, Sweden, and the Middle East,” Lecointe explained.

Mitzi has had a terrible few years, but she has now found a great forever home where she may spend the rest of her life. This sweet kitten is deserving of a happy life! “She’s such a nice kitten,” Lecointe said. “We truly wish she had met her happily ever after.”

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The moving story of “Britain’s fattest cat,” who was adopted and then returned to the shelter several times…
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