A tiger rescued from “the world’s worst zoo” is now experiencing the joy of freedom

Falestine, a lioness, is a resident of the Rafah Zoo in Palestine’s southern Gaza Strip. Z zoo officials microchipped the 14-month-old lioness to allow visitors to interact with her.

Animal rights activists have condemned this as inhumane. Mohammed Jumaa, the zoo’s owner, explained that they did it to make Falestine less ag.g.r.e.s.sive and kinder! What are your thoughts? Check out the video below.

Months later, the tiger is becoming more relaxed and is spending a lot of time out of his cage. His new, larger habitat at the LIONSROCK Lodge & Big Cat Sanctuary is directly next door, so he won’t have to make another long voyage.

He may easily stroll through the fence and enjoy his forever home whenever he is ready and calm enough to do so. Laziz appears to be a big fan of wood. We’re not sure why, but maybe it’s because he’s never experienced wood before.

Laziz likes honing his claws on tree trunks because he probably never had wood in this shape in his Gaza prison cell. Furthermore, the support structures of his home are ideal locations to rub against, both for comfort and to mark his territory. We’re overjoyed that he loves it here, and we’re intrigued as to how he manages his enormous cage! What are your thoughts on why he is so obsessed with wood?