This adorable baby elephant enjoys playing football! Click here to watch a video of him demonstrating his skills

Under the watchful eye of his happy mother, this cute baby elephant showed off his perfect skills as he learned how to control a ball for the first time.

An Asian elephant named Luk Chai seems to be smiling as he follows a huge soccer ball around his pasture.

Luk rushed after it after his mom, Porntip, kicked the ball back to him.

Luk Chai, an Asian elephant, appears to be smiling as he happily follows the big football around his pasture.

Luk was born in Australia, then piled up on top of the ball before kicking it towards his mother.

Renee Doyle, an amateur photographer, took the photographs while exploring Taronga Zoo in New South Wales, Australia, with her family.

“Luk is so charming and lively that I could simply stand staring at him all day,” the 46-year-old woman added.

‘He is passionate about football. The keeper will occasionally roll the ball towards him, and occasionally one of the older elephants will kick the ball for him to follow.

‘It was his mom in these photos.’ If his ball rolls into the little pool, he will swim in it and push it around. There is no set; it is simply fun.

‘The caretakers are fantastic and engage with all of the elephants on a regular basis.’

‘There are no goals on the pitch, and the ball will travel wherever it wants, but Luk will pursue it down.’

‘The elephants were all intrigued by various toys and performed incredible balance movements, but they were all having a great time.’ They always appear to be smiling to me.

‘It seemed like Luk Chai never stopped moving, but rather went around playing and soaking in all the attention.’

‘There were a lot of people since it was the first calf  born in Australia, and everyone wanted to see him,’ says the narrator.