Video! A photographer captures a moment when a mom lioness teaches her little cubs how to cross a stream

A photographer captured how four lion cubs boldly follow their mom over a river in South Africa’s Mala Mala reserve.  Cameron Inggs, a park ranger, captured the incident on film. The man observed the huge family when they were out on a midday stroll, but things got interesting when they came across a little river.

The cubs had no choice but to follow their mom as she crossed the water. They didn’t appear overly confident, however. Within seconds, though, one of the cubs — the boldest one – gathers confidence and walks ahead. Despite the fact that the water appears to be a little too deep for the cute little thing, it gets it through.

The second and third brothers dive into the sea without hesitation. They just tried to do what their braver brother did, and within minutes, their mom was waiting for them on the other side of the water.

The fourth cub appears to be more cautious than its siblings, but in the end, it knows that there is only one option if he wants to stay with his family. The four small lions, thankfully, learnt their lesson.

Lions, unlike other large wild cats, are exceedingly hesitant to cross water. They only go into the water when absolutely necessary. They would rather stay on dry land otherwise.

You can see the cute moment here!