A herd of elephants had become stuck in the massive flooded hole! Here is how they were rescued

Eleven elephants were rescued from a flooded hole in Cambodia when they were about to drown. The tragedy occurred at the Keo Seima wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia’s Mondulkiri province after a herd of elephants entered the enormous crater to drink and bathe.

The crater’s 10ft-high walls, which were caused by a bo.0.mbing during the Vietnam War, were too big for them to ascend on their own. As a result, they were trapped.

The elephants were nearly totally buried in water when villagers spotted them. They then phoned the Wildlife Conservation Society, according to the Daily Mail. Lifeguards from the group created a ramp up the crater’s side so the elephants could exit.

The amazing film shows elephants assisting each other get out of the muddy water of the hole.

Since it was posted online in March, the video has received over 20,000 views on Facebook. “Thank you very much for coming to their assistance!” remarked one responder. “Thank heavens WCS and the friendly farmers understood how to obtain aid,” added another.