The smartest gorilla Koko had never had babies, so her caregivers decided to surprise her one day! Her reaction is the best

One of California’s zoos boasts of having a gorilla named Koko who astounded the entire world with her intellect. She’s worked there since 1971. During this period, she was able to take part in a lot of tests undertaken by American scientists to explore the cognitive capacities of monkeys. Scientists have produced positive outcomes.

Koko learned and actively used sign language. When another person ruined her beloved toy, Koko retaliated by insulting her with sign language. She also knew the meaning of around 2,000 English terms.

The gorilla, on the other hand, suffered from the reality that she had no babies. When she observed other monkeys with infants, her eyes welled up with tears. As a result, the zoo’s managers decided to offer her a unique gift for her 44th birthday – tiny kittens.

The gorilla gleamed with delight. She took each cat in her arms, wrapped them in her arms, and caressed them. Many people were concerned that Koko might accidentally injure her kittens. But then things calmed down since the gorilla handled the crumbs with care.

The vibrant feelings of the gorilla make it evident that her IQ is not much lower than that of humans. Great apes, it turns out, adore kittens. And the latter, in turn, crept fearlessly down it.

Gorillas have always been fascinated with cats. She was assigned to nurture kittens on a regular basis beginning in 1984.

Unfortunately Koko passed away in 2018 at the age of 46. But she will always be remembered for her big heart and intelligence.