A gorilla who was famous for his viral selfie, passed away in the arms of his caretaker

Animals and humans can have a very special bond. They develop a strong connection with them. Some creatures are orphaned for various reasons and must rely on the goodwill of their human companions.

Many individuals sacrifice their life to animal protection and function as their parents as they don’t have parents.

One of the recent footage showed two orphaned gorillas posing for a photo with one of their rescuers, demonstrating the animals’ confidence and trust in their guardian.

One of the gorillas just passed away, and another image demonstrates that her friendship with her human companion lasted till the end.

These two gorillas lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park, which is committed to conserving native animals, including a group of endangered mountain gorillas that is threatened by illegal things.

Park officials saved a two-month-old baby gorilla who was with her mom’s lif.e.l.e.s.s body.

The orphaned  gorilla was sent to the park, where ranger Andre Bauma made an instant bond with her by holding her close to him and offering warmth and love.

Ndakasi, the orphaned gorilla, began to settle into a happy life at the park and formed a strong friendship with another orphaned gorilla called Ndeze and her caregivers.

They got extremely close, as seen by the viral selfie of Ndakasi and Ndeze standing upright with their carer Mathieu Shamavu.

Many people were questioning if the photo was real or not when it went viral. The interaction between these gorillas and their human caregivers was depicted in this image.

Mathieu stated that he stayed close to them and that they were in excellent spirits. Unfortunately, Ndakasi passed away after a protracted illness. However, another image has gone viral, revealing that she was not alone at that time.

She was in the arms of Andre Bauma, a close friend and the same ranger who had taken her in as an orphan several years ago.

It was a pleasure, according to Andre, to help and support such a wonderful animal, and it was Ndakasi’s gentle personality and intellect that helped him realize the relationship between people and great apes.

He went on to say that he adored Ndakasi and was delighted to have a close bond with her.   His face brightened up with a smile because of her positive attitude.

Her selfie, according to the park, has spread a great vibe about gorillas and their caregivers. Ndakasi, may you rest in peace. Your caregivers will miss you much.

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A gorilla who was famous for his viral selfie, passed away in the arms of his caretaker
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