After 6 years of raising wild gorillas, he presented his wife, and despite warnings, she approached too closely

Damian Aspinall’s involvement with gorillas began in 1992, when he and his family established the Aspinall Foundation. The Aspinall Foundation wanted to increase the number of gorillas in the wild by letting gorillas that had been raised in captivity back into their natural habitats.

Image/Story Source Credit: The Aspinall Foundation / YouTube

In an unexpected turn of events, Damian and his wife, Victoria, recently caught up with two timid gorillas they’d released years earlier into the wild. Damian nurtured the two gorillas, Djalta and Ima, while they were youngsters at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent. They were released as fully mature adults in 2003.

Damian wanted to show his wife the gorillas. He was aware of how territorial Western Lowland Gorillas can be to people, and they were wary of invading their domain. Even though Damian had raised Djalta and Ima, there was a chance they wouldn’t accept him into their house. Ima carefully picked up Victoria and held her as she hugged him at one point.

Image/Story Source Credit: The Aspinall Foundation / YouTube

Djalta’s recall of human existence via his experiences is still astounding. It’s heartwarming to watch Chunk, Ima, and Djalta not only remember Damian, but also accept his wife as a member of their family. These remarkable animals have an unrivaled emotional intelligence.

Image/Story Source Credit: The Aspinall Foundation / YouTube

This whole experience is fantastic, but it’s so enjoyable to see. As people, we must always do everything we can to protect these species and their natural homes.

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