Tourists capture the scary moment a lioness uses her fangs to unlock a vehicle’s door(Video)

When going through a safari park, tourists are always told to stay in their cars and close their doors, but few think the doors need to be locked.

Tourists discovered the hard lesson why it was critical to close all doors while traveling through a safari park in South Africa, and they even tried to document their experience.

Tourists Kaylene and Cindy were visiting their parents in South Africa when they were greeted by a fearsome, huge cat that had perfected the knack of opening automobile doors with its fangs.

When the lioness appeared to follow the automobile, then leaned against the door and cautiously opened it, the two girls, whose parents were on a mission in South Africa, shot exceptional footage.

As an inquisitive lioness stood up and strolled towards the car, the visitors were cheerfully conversing and shooting the proud lion lazing in the sun.

“Dad, you’re heading to the car, I guess you’ll have to…” says the videographer. before she corrected herself and said “she.”

The lioness sat with her pride before jumping up and calmly strolling out to the automobile.

The visitors could hear the shots, and one sister said, “Did you record him?”

Kaylene could hear the lioness exclaim, “Holy cow, Cindy,” as she reached the door, her head apparent through the window.

The lion then leaned down and opened the door after seeming to peer through the window.

As the females yelled, the door opened almost halfway before they could close it.

The huge cat seemed to explore the car and looked through the glass with interest.

The lioness then nearly entirely opened the door before the tourists understood what was going on.

Following the first shock, there was laughter, and one sister said, “Oh my, I had no idea they could do that.”

‘Is it locked?’ inquired the other sister. Are you certain? “I hope so!” said the other.

“Well, you’ll have a great story to tell,” their mom could be heard saying behind them as the girls recovered from the shock.

The video was first released a year ago by the girl’s brother, Joshua Sutherland, but it quickly became popular after being shared on Reddit.

Watch this video:

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Tourists capture the scary moment a lioness uses her fangs to unlock a vehicle’s door(Video)
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