Rescuers found a helpless goat that had become caught in a large pipe

Rescuers spent hours getting a goat out of a massive irrigation pipe. Animals are sometimes trapped in such a difficult situation that they require the assistance of humans to escape. They are unintentionally ensnared in such situations.

Like this goat, who got stuck in a huge irrigation pipe and was saved by a group of kind people who did something heroic to get him out.

The Arizona Humane Society was contacted when an 8-month-old goat fell into a 250-foot irrigation pipe. According to human civilization, a neighbor heard the goat sobbing from underground.

When the rescue crew arrived at the location, they concluded that the goat could not be readily saved due to the size of the pipe, and they were unable to find him. So they decided to come back the next day with better technology to save the goat.

The next day, the rescue crew arrived with a variety of equipment, including a snake cam, to hunt for the goat, but they were unable to locate him. So they were left with just one option: to dive in and hope for the best.

They essentially went by faith, according to Emergency Animal Medical Technician Gracie Watts, as to where they felt the goat was. They eventually found the goat after digging into the pipe with shovels and a hammer, and one of the rescuers was strong enough to hold on to him while they continued to dig him out.

This rescue effort lasted 6 hours and required a lot of hard labor, but they were eventually able to liberate the goat. Even though the goat had been through a lot, he didn’t seem to be hurt, and after he was saved, he went back to his other goats.

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Rescuers found a helpless goat that had become caught in a large pipe
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