When rescuers discovered this horse, he weighed only 526 pounds and there was no chance that he would survive

Benny is a four-year-old stallion. He was starving and d.y.i.ng. They delivered Benny to the Last Stop Horse. The Last Stop Horse is a horse shelter located in Prentiss, Maine, that provides rescue and treatment options. M.i.s.t.r.eated, starving, and n.e.g.l.e.c.t.ed horses were nursed back to health by sanctuary nurses.

Benny arrived at the refuge very sick and unable to stand on his own. He weighed just 526 pounds. The team at the LSHR had one aim in mind: to return Benny to health. Even though they knew it would be difficult, they refused to give up.

They get him to stand by suspending him from a beam in the barn. They also began with modest quantities of food to encourage him to eat. Benny’s hunger became greater with each passing day. He even stayed on his own after two weeks of assistance.

Benny gained about 400 pounds in six months. He was a strong, healthy, and robust horse again. Knowing his experience, it’s difficult to believe this is the same animal. After nearly dying, he was given a gorgeous, healthy horse. Take a look at this incredible change.