At the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary, a very rare white kangaroo was born

The peculiarity of an exceedingly adorable tiny joey has attracted everyone’s attention on the internet. The newborn kangaroo was born totally white owing to a rare disease that affects one in every 100,000 species. In this case, though, it was expected because the little kangaroo’s father is also white.


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The adorable joey was born at Panorama Gardens, a wildlife refuge on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Cindy, her mother, is an eastern grey kangaroo, and Marloo, her father, is an albino kangaroo.

The sanctuary’s owner, Annemaree Van Rooy, said that the newborn kangaroo had no name. She hasn’t left her mother’s pouch yet, and she will for the foreseeable future. “The joey hasn’t been named yet since it just appeared a few weeks ago,” she said. “She’ll keep coming out for short times over the next month, and those times will get longer and longer as time goes on.”


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The white joey isn’t the only albino inhabitant of the 55-acre refuge, which is unique yet interesting. Panorama Gardens is home to many white kangaroos, the first of which was born eight years ago. The refuge is also home to Alexander, a gorgeous white peacock.

While these rare critters are all secure at the Panorama Gardens refuge, things are more challenging for an albino animal born in the wild. Albino animals are typically shunned by their communities and are particularly susceptible to predators. Because of this unique trait, albino animals may also have trouble finding food because they can’t see as well.